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acai Plus Customers Reviews

1- It’s interesting to say Iam a repeat user of AcaiPlus Extreme! I found it effective and no cramping or discomfort. Once I get satisfied with a slimming people I never change it. I found it an effective detox aid , and it seems to help be keep on losing belly fat.


2- Let me sum up my experience into pros and cons


Easy to use with simple instructions, Price was not too high compared to other products of the same nature, I personally liked it when I started to lose when in my 4th day using it.


Got it delivered in 7 days. I was hoping for less time than this.


3- This Acai product seem to be better quality than other Acai berry products. Might be my imagination but it seems to help build my immune system better than other brands. Plus I will continue using it and will post my results after 3 month of using Acai plus Extreme. ~Jane


4- This is my first acai product but I have used other colon cleansers before. The acai plus provides a little more energy which I really appreciate also. I have been using this product for about 4 months now.  I think this product is healthier than some of the other ones out there.Plus I have to mention I’ve lost 24 lbs in 3 months. It’s not that good but I’ve to say. I’m a fast food addict. ~Morgan Rekor

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